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Quality Materials and Care

Yes our earrings are affordable but ultimately, we know the most important thing is quality. That’s why we only use premium precious metals that are made to last forever. Every piece is hand inspected to make sure it’s up to our high standards. At Aris and Belle, there’s no compromise for quality.

Sterling Silver

We use industry standard 925 Sterling Silver which is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. However, we also plate our silver pieces in rhodium which is a rare and costly precious metal to help keep its shine. 

Our silver earrings are completely hypoallergenic so it won’t cause any skin irritation no matter how much you wear it. Which is great news because our jewelry is made for everyday wear, forever!


Silver is sensitive to water and sweat and can tarnish with prolonged exposure to either. Just try to avoid water when wearing your piece but if it gets a bit wet, it’s OK! Just dry it after. Also, store your piece in your pouch as much as possible to protect it from water and unnecessary oxidization. 

Polish your piece once in a while with a simple microfiber cloth to keep it looking fresh and beautiful!

Gold Vermeil?...

Is this just a fancy new word for gold plating over sterling silver? Nope! It actually means we only use a much thicker layer of 14k pure gold on our pieces. Keep in mind the gold is layered exclusively over premium sterling silver. It’s as if gold and silver had a baby. That’s gold vermeil. 

We don’t offer regular gold plated because it simply isn’t quality. Our gold vermeil pieces will retain their long-lasting luster unlike typical gold plated pieces.


You’ve got both gold and silver together here, and they both don’t like getting wet. Once in a while is OK, but try to avoid wearing your piece when showering or exercising. Also, if you’re stuck in a drizzle, just make sure to dry it off. 

Clean your piece by gently buffing with a dry cloth and keep it in your pouch when not wearing.